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Road Zombie BBQ – June 14

Don’t miss it!!

Last Originals Show

Catching Up

Thanks for all the Emails. Broke my collarbone. Been out of commission for a while. Didn’t get to attend SF show and take photos Will get photos posted, links added and questions eventually taken care of. Doctor said to take it easy until march. Worked on the car for a day then the collarbone starting […]

Still Alive

Sorry I haven’t posted. I have been swamped with work and haven’t had time to work on the website or my PROJECT! Been trying to take care of my health and get back into shape. Doing pretty good to start. Gained back some weight, as I can eat real food again!!. Have had some time […]

9 days to go

I am going stir crazy waiting to work on my ride and ride again. 9 more days and I the Doc says I can lift over 10 lbs. Then it’s on

Check this website too

Feeling better, Just finished this website. Still got a few things to do, but if you got a moment….. Check it out: I am a web whore. If your rich, or got a cool idea. I can build you a website. Thanks for visiting. Aaron