54 Chevy named Zippy

bobeveson sent in this info on his ride. Thanks for sharing bob.

My ride is a 54 Chevy 210 2 door named Zippy.
It was nosed, decked, frenched head and tail lights, 2 teardrop anntennas, shaved doors handles with remote door openers added. The tube grill is from a 57 Ford cut to fit and the tail lights have a flat lens cut from the tail lights of a 85 Chevy.
Under the hood is a 235 6 cyl with a Clifford 4 bbl manifold with a Edelbrock 500 carb, ceramic coated headers from Speedway Motors with shorty glass packs and Southern Air heat and air and lots of chrome, polished alumnium and stainless. Rewired with a Ron Francis wiring kit.
Inside are the powered seats from a 2001 Buick Regal covered with Buick OEM seat covers. The door panels and head liner where custom made. The 3 speed shifter was moved from the column to the floor using the National Chevy shift kit.
The paint is Porsche Rivera Blue.
My wife calls the car Zippy so I had that name painted on the trunk. Now some of my friends call me Zippy.

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  1. New member on Chevytalk forum..
    Saw your pics on 50chevy.com seems that site has died but can still access these pics.
    Wow your car is really awesome! I like the detail put into every part of the car. Fantastic vision you had to recreate this car in the style of the early cruisers and you executed it so well!
    Would love to ask you a few questions if you don’t mind. I just bought a ’49 Styleline with a 54 235 in it… seems to barely get out of its own way, much less be of any “fun” dragging this big ole sled around. I see several guys have kept the 6’s in leu of swapping out for a v-8… is there something I need to be looking at with mine ?? Maybe distributor not advancing or a anchor dragging the ground somewhere??
    Again, love the look you created with Zippy! (cool name from your wife..)
    Tim in NC

  2. You just wrote a comment on 50chevy.com!! I the site was dead you would not be able to write that comment and ask questions. Updates to this site are behind. But dead it is not.

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