1950 Chevrolet Convertible

The introduction of the Bel Air two door hardtop marked a sea of change in how the Chevrolet Division defined sportiness. Until the advent of the hardtop, the serious sporting types went for the convertibles.

Every Detroit manufacturer, with rare exception, offered at least one convertible as the style leader of its line. However, automakers didn’t really expect to sell a lot of convertibles and they usually didn’t.

Convertibles set the style objectives but didn’t do much for sales as only 32,810 units were sold by Chevrolet in 1950.

In 1948 the Chevrolet Division of General Motors sold 20,471 Convertibles out of a total production run of 422,320 cars for the year. In 1949, Chevrolet built 32,392 Convertibles with a total production of over 1 million Chevy cars. In 1950 Chevrolet made another million cars and the 1950 Bel Air Hard Top out sold the 1950 Convertible 2 to 1.

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  1. i have 1950 model chevy orignal in condition but repaint it at about 20 years before, it is convertible grey color.

  2. dud cool car

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