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So you want to put a new suspension in your 49-54 chevy? You will need some way to adapt the steering column to your rack and pinion.


Modify Stock Column
70s Chevrolet van
Any other junkyard find you can adapt.
Purchase Aftermarket Column. (See below for links)

You will also need some steering shafts, adapator and possibly a support bearing. Whether or not you need a support bearing depends on the type of engine and headers you are using. Since there are so many scenarios I will not cover them all here.

Here is some information provided by Borgeson on steering system setup.

For my 50 chevy I had to use a support bearing and 2 steering shafts. I have seen some people get away with a single steering shaft. (See pic)

Read the How-to below to see how to modify your stock column. You will keep that stock appearance and also save some $$$.

Here is how I sectioned the stock steering column and adapted the column to the rack & pinion. (More to come.)

First I cut the column off at the steering box. (inner shaft + outer shaft)

Where the outer shaft of the column meets the steering box it tapers down.

Next I cut off the end of the outer column.

I got a bearing with a 1 3/8″ O.D. and kept cutting down the end until the bearing fit snug in the end. ( Note: The bearing is a caster bearing it was available at Orchard Supply Hardware $4.95)

Then I sectioned the column down to 30″ total diameter

Then welded the two pieces together

Then cleaned up w grinder

I then added a set screw to hold the bearing in place.
I also welded on a piece of bar stock that was drilled and tapped, that way the bottom of the column is bolted in place to the firewall.
Then steering shaft itself was tig welded to a borgenson joint 3/4″ x 3/4″ double d.
The steering wheel then holds the assembly together.

Close up of end of column before paint:


Now the steering wheel isn’t so close to me and I have a clean column.

More photos coming of painted and installed column.

Let me know if you have any questions.

California Caster Bearing -3/4″ ID x 1 3/8″ O.D. (Available at Orchard Supply Hardware)
Set Screws (Available at Orchard Supply Hardware)
Steering Couplers (Borgeson or Flaming River)
Steering Shafts (Borgeson or Flaming River)
Support Bearing (Borgeson or Flaming River)

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  1. I have a 50 delux with mustang II. I put a tilt- telescopic out of a 78 cad eldorado.

  2. Is there anyway you could send me the photos that you have on this post….for some reason I cannot view them on my computer….thanks in advance

  3. Photos are here:

  4. Thanks for sharing this information Brother!
    I’ve a ’51 Deluxe Hardtop Coupe with a Mustang 2 rack & pinion, 350/TH350 and a Locar shifter. The goofy 23″ shift lever is problematic for my longer than normal legs. It also has a GM tilt column of yet unknown vintage. I need to replace it with a compatible tilt shift unit.
    After speaking with ididit’s tech guy I was a little confused as to why this seemingly common application was an enigma to ididit. Heck, they have a chart for every ’49 to ’54 3100 pick-up but the Deluxe 210 or Belair is a mystery.
    “Well, take the column out and measure …..etc and we’ll be happy to make a custom column for ya!”
    This was not what I expected nor what I wanted to hear.

    I’m taking the car to a local shop that is well regarded and hopefully I’ll be driving it before winter and garage season. In closing, thank you again. I’ll pass this information to my man at the Trim Shop. It should be a great aid in completing this swap. I’ve been told it runs and handles pretty sweetly. LOL

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