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Open Driveline – Rear End Options


To convert your torque tube suspension to a open drive line. You will need the proper width rear-end. I am running a 1976 camaro 10 bolt. I am still working on this page.

These are some swaps that will work. Also confirmed by many 50chevy.com readers

* 55-57 Chevy Cars.
* 68-72 Nova
* 70-81 camaro

For 49-54 cars,you will need a rear-end that is 60″ wide. You can use the stock leaf springs but you will get a much better ride with a wide leaf spring kit. (2.5″ wide) If you run a rear-end that is 58.5 inches wide you will be able to run a 8″ wide rim (3 3/4″ backspacing)in the rear.

Wide Rear Leaf Spring Kits:
Chassis Engineering
Walton Fabrication

Parallel 4-link:
Total Cost Involved

Air Spring 4-Link:
Total Cost Involved

Complete Rear Ends:
Total Cost Involved