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Jeremy’s 1954 chevy build

Jeremy sent in these photos of his 1954 [1] chevy build. He is doing an excellent job. Check out the way he did the notch from Gambino Kustoms and k-member from Art Morrison.
Kick ASS. Thanks for sharing.

I am Jeremy , and wanted to share some photos of my 1954 chevy 210 sedan, that i am currently building in my garage. I started out installing a Total Cost Involved mustang 2 front end with disc brakes and air bags. I soon pulled the body off of the car to build the rest of the chassis. Out back is now a step
notch with a curie rear end
ford 9 inch cut to 60″ flange to flange. I then decided how i wanted to build the mounts for the triangulated four link. You can see in the pictures what i came up with. When all was measured and welded for the four link i worked on the custom cross member witch houses a drive shaft hoop from art morrison, at the time i purchased the hoop i also purchased there universal K member kit , that i put some holes in along with holes for the exhaust. I will soon have more pictures of the updated progress.