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For Sale Section is currently offline

Working on a new classifieds and “for sale” section of the website. For now the classified ads section is closed. Will keep everyone updated when the updates are complete. I am also working on a more streamlined website. It may possibly allow 50chevy visitors to post photos and progress information of your 49-54 chevrolet builds. […]


Upgrading the website

Hello, In the process of updating a few things on the website. Please check back soon. Thanks for Visiting, 50chevy 1949 to 1954 chevrolet resource


Nice 54

I was this 54 chevy a while back. One of the reasons it stood out was the back window and trim. Thanks to evil1 for the pics.


Desperate Generation DVD

Trailer for Desperate Generation Desperate Generation is a documentary that encapsulates the 90’s Rockabilly revival in Southern California. Each aspect of the subculture is candidly portrayed in short, music-filled vignettes highlighting vintage car clubs, tattoo artists, musicians, annual car & hot rod events, and much more! In 1995 Emily Dutton was a film student when […]

Old School Chevy

Saw this pic on a recent HAMB post Thanks for visitng!

This weekend

Saturday is the asphalt invitational at Swiss Park in Newark. Sunday is the Strangers Car show at Kelley Park. Be there!!