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Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Welcome to the all new If you are viewing the site right now, I am still working on it. So please never mind the dust while things are sorted out. The site is very similar to the old site in some ways, just wider and more features and information. Sorry it […]

2010 Events

Here is a listing of the car shows and events for 2010. I mainly cover West Coast Events, I am more than happy to cover any event no matter where it is located. Preferably Traditional Rod and Custom car shows. January 29-31, 2010 Grand National Roadster Show Pomona, CA Website The suede palace is sponsored […]

Daniel’s 1949 Chevrolet

Daniel just sent in some pics of the 1949 chevrolet he is working on. He is doing an excellent job with all the artwork and paint work. Daniel is looking for an upholsterer in the Covina, CA area. If you know of someone please let me know or add a comment to this article. Thanks […]

Some Nice Cars and Updates

Still working on the new 50chevy website. In the meantime, I have the for sale section working again. Classified Ads are still closed. You can order T-shirts and DVD’s. I have a few new DVD and CD’s for sale. Will be added shortly. Help me pay for my hosting fees and support Here is […]

Open Driveline – Rear End Options

OPEN DRIVELINE CONVERSION To convert your torque tube suspension to a open drive line. You will need the proper width rear-end. I am running a 1976 camaro 10 bolt. I am still working on this page. These are some swaps that will work. Also confirmed by many readers * 55-57 Chevy Cars. * 68-72 […]

Steering Column for Mustang 2 Conversion

OVERVIEW STEERING COLUMN OPTIONS FOR MUSTANG 2 / AFTERMARKET FRONT SUSPENSION All pictures are here: So you want to put a new suspension in your 49-54 chevy? You will need some way to adapt the steering column to your rack and pinion. Options: Modify Stock Column 70s Chevrolet van Any other junkyard find you […]