Happy New Year

1950 fleetline

Happy New Year! Welcome to the all new 50chevy.com. If you are viewing the site right now, I am still working on it. So please never mind the dust while things are sorted out. The site is very similar to the old site in some ways, just wider and more features and information. Sorry it has taken so long.

The main advantage to the new site is I will be able to add more information faster. I am also hoping this will help more people will contribute and share. I can only do so many how-to’s until my car is completed. There are so many different options on these 49-54 chevy’s, so the more options that are shown the better.

Some of the current problems that are not fixed and I am working on:
All pages of website are being updated with the old website information.
Photos section of website: Some of the photos do not enlarge.
The register and login is working, please join the site. Wait for confirmation e-mail, then login and write about your project and upload some photos. I need some people to test it out. I have tested it but need your feedback so I can make it as easy as possible.

Thanks for visiting www.50chevy.com

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