49-54 chevrolet’s at GNRS

Grand National Roadster Show

The Grand National Roadster Show had a suede palace. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the Grand National Roadster show. I am sure there were some incredible cars there. I am hoping some of you can help out.

Did you go? Get any photos of the 1949 – 1954 chevrolet’s at the show?
Please share.

Here is a few photos of some nice custom chevy’s I dug up. I will do some searches and see what else I can dig up

Very Nice 1953 custom. Trying to find a side and rear view, I want to see the rear window.

Few more photos of some other nice cars. Mike Ness’s 1954 chevy built by Salinas Boys and a few others.

Send me an email or post em up on the website if you have any photos to share.

Thanks for visiting 50chevy.com.

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