Dale’s 1949 Chevrolet

Dale sent in these photos and info on his 1949 chevrolet.

heres my 49 chevy. its a 49 in 50 clothes. i sub framed it with camaro clip from a 1980 camaro. rebuilt the whole front end after install. bushings ball joints shocksupper tube cotrole arms. has 350sbc 400turbo trans and a stock 226 gear open rear end out of a camaro. custom interior.gonna put crate moter in soon. will make pic doc of it all. and postsome of it.

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  1. hi dale do you have any pics of the frame clip going in i want to do this but cant find any info

  2. no i dont but if you want to e mail me back and fourth i could explaine it to ya pretty strait foward.

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