1951 Styleline Deluxe Woody Wagon

Steelwoodyman sent in these photos of his 1951 Styleline Deluxe Woody Wagon.

Thanks for contributing to 50chevy.com

Your Name: steel woody man
Year and Model: 1951 Styleline Deluxe
Engine: 216 ci
Transmission: 3 speed

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  1. I joined a couple of months before I was planning to do a complete re-do of my wagon. I budgeted $30,000 for the build with me doing about 80 percent of the labor. Then my son came to me and said “Dad I want to go to this college up in Oregon”
    I thought about it long and hard bouncing back and forth between the wagon or using the budget to put my son through college. Well I decided to forgo the wagon and send my son to school. Well he buckled down and finished in three years
    instead of four so he did save me a little there. I’ve always been proud of my son but I couldn’t have been more proud of him
    than the day he received his diploma with his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Now he went right out and found himself a job
    in Portland with a magazine, the problem with that is he is only paid by each job he does which isn’t quite enough to pay
    for all his expenses. So dad to the rescue. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind doing this, I think it’s the parent or parents responsibility to help out their children if they can. I just hope I can get back to my wagon before I get to old to enjoy it.
    I’ll keep an update whenever I make some progress.

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