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HellBound 53 Updates- electra teardown

Hellbound 53 sent in some update photos of his project, a 1953 chevrolet bel air

Hell Bound’s – Electra A 1953 chevy belair

Here is some pics of a 53 belair sent in by 50 chevy member, HellBound53. Check em out.

Arthur’s 1953 chevy bel air – updates

Arthur from Australia sent in some photos of some updates to his 1953 chevy. He grafted 1948 Caddy tail lights to it and lowered the front and rear bumpers and added a sun visor. Check it out.

Cedric’s 1954 chevy custom

Cedric sent in these photos of his custom 1954 chevrolet.

Arthur’s 1953 chevy bel air

Arthur from Camperdown, Victoria, Australia sent in his lowered 1953 chevy bel air.

1950 Chevrolet Bel Air

The Bel Air was Chevy’s version of the new body style that was introduced by Buick, Oldsmobile and Cadillac in late 1949. This new body style came to be called a hard top convertible. It took awhile before the label was accepted then shortened to just simply “Hardtop”. The 1950 Chevrolet Belair looked like a […]