Jeremy’s 1954 chevy build

Jeremy sent in these photos of his 1954 chevy build. He is doing an excellent job. Check out the way he did the notch from Gambino Kustoms and k-member from Art Morrison.
Kick ASS. Thanks for sharing.

I am Jeremy , and wanted to share some photos of my 1954 chevy 210 sedan, that i am currently building in my garage. I started out installing a Total Cost Involved mustang 2 front end with disc brakes and air bags. I soon pulled the body off of the car to build the rest of the chassis. Out back is now a step
notch with a curie rear end
ford 9 inch cut to 60″ flange to flange. I then decided how i wanted to build the mounts for the triangulated four link. You can see in the pictures what i came up with. When all was measured and welded for the four link i worked on the custom cross member witch houses a drive shaft hoop from art morrison, at the time i purchased the hoop i also purchased there universal K member kit , that i put some holes in along with holes for the exhaust. I will soon have more pictures of the updated progress.

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  1. Wow! Great look’n build up, I have just removed my 54 210 chevy body from the frame, will be keeping a close watch on your build up, Thanks For Sharing your photo’s, Outstanding!

  2. I have been reading about the weight factor of a chevy 350 on a Mustang ll front end any comments?

  3. Sure.
    Here is a weight comparison:
    About 100lbs more weight for small block chevy with aluminum intake, 140lbs more for steel intake.

    Example weights.
    Inline 6 194-250 = 440 lbs (not sure on stock motor, maybe weighs less)
    Chevy small block V8 = 535 (aluminum intake)
    Chevy small block V8 = 575

    Mustang2 vehicle was 3050 lbs with 58% forward weight distribution
    Stock Chevy 3215lbs + 100-150lbs for sbc = 3315

    So almost 300 hundred pounds more. But we did not account for how much weight we lost removing the stock front end. I would need to weigh my vehicle.
    Feel free to share some facts. I can understand the debate of using a mustang 2 in a truck or much heavier car. This is very close.

    Look at how many cars are out there with mustang2 and look at failures. Think about all the facts. Do you drive your car everyday?

    The weak link is potentially the top hat. Let the bolt get loose and then there could be a failure if abused. Can re-fabricate the top hat. Or go with a different front end.

    Hope that helps

  4. I have a couple of projects going on right now. 1st . 1946 Ford deluxe 2dr coupe. I bought a full S10 frame with all brackets to mount the body. Plus other components front end /rear end looking for a S10 4×4 deferential cause the length is just right for the centering tires under the fenders. The drop/stance will be 5in.drop confront and 4in to give it that low and take. “2nd project I am working on my 1953 2dr. Business coupe”. I’ve got the bolt on mustang front end kit. With drop spindle 2″ and am not sure also about the bolting the kit on. Thinking of using the S10 frame because its fully boxed and more heavy duty. What do you all think? Need help. Thanks .

  5. Hello –
    Love what you did with the AME crossmember. Do you feel like that stiffened up the original frame for performance driving? I’d love a full AME chassis but not sure the wife will let me drop $15K. Planning an LSx and 4L60E drivetrain.

    Raleigh, NC

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