Can you review my part, build, photos, etc.?
Since all of our site’s content is user-generated, it’s up to you to write an article,create a technical how-to and submit it to us. If you are a manufacturer and want us to review your part, please contact us. If it is related to the car scene then we will probably want to feature it.

Can you send a writer to cover my event?
We would like to have writers cover events. If you have a big event or festival coming up and you’d like to have us there, send us the info. and we’ll do our best to get a writer and photographer to cover it for the site.

What are the guidelines for submitting an article?
You can find all the information you’ll need for submitting an article here.

I’m not a journalist can I still write for 50chevy?
Absolutely! If there is a show, part, artist, photographer, fabricator, car, or other interesting topic you’d like to write about, we’d love to hear from you. Just read the submission guidelines and let us know if you have any questions.

How long does it take for my article to be published after I submit it?
We do our best to publish articles as frequently as possible. Generally you will hear back from us within one to two weeks about the status of your article submission.

I’m having problems writing an article, who can I contact?
If you’ve read the submission guidelines and are still having problems, you can e-mail us and we’ll walk you through it.

What do I get if my article is published?
When your article is published, you will be published to this plethora of exclusive content. We’ve linked with some of the best tech and photos for the 1949-1954 chevrolet community, and we think (and hope) you’ll love what you read and see.

I submitted an article weeks ago and haven’t heard anything, what’s the deal?
We sincerely apologize for our lack of communication! chances are we’re bogged down with work and just haven’t had the chance to respond to you yet. Please send us an e-mail and we’ll get back to you asap.

How does the article voting work?
After reading an article, visitors have the option to vote whether or not they liked it. The writer whose article gets the highest positive votes at the end of the month will receive a special prize.

Is profanity allowed?
We don’t really believe in censorship on our site, but overuse of anything is never good, especially when it comes to writers using profanity for shock value or as a crutch. Use your best judgment, and we’ll let you know if your language is ever an issue preventing your article from being published.

How do you choose what articles get published?
We have a team of editors that read all submissions before articles are published, and the submissions that we feel have great content and are interesting to read go on the site. If for some reason we don’t think a submission is quite up to par, we’ll still get back to you and let you know why. You can always re-submit an article if it didn’t make it the first time.

What can I write about?
Anything dealing with 1949-1954 chevrolet cars or wagons, builder, fabricators, car shows, events and even culture is fair game. Be creative, we love to learn about new builder, projects, and especially how-to’s!!

How can I submit my build?
If you have a build you would like to submit to our exclusive library, we’d love to hear from you! Usually are writers are just the people you want to see your content and photos, so it’s a win-win for everyone. Here is how you get on 50chevy.com
1. Register for 50chevy.com. This will create your user account. You’re account will then get reviewed and approved. Once approved you will receive an email, you have been approved.
2. Login to 50chevy.com with your username and password you created when you signed up.
3. Go to your submissions and submit your project, show coverage or review.
4. Your contribution is reviewed then added to 50chevy.com