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1950 Chevrolet Convertible

The introduction of the Bel Air two door hardtop marked a sea of change in how the Chevrolet Division defined sportiness. Until the advent of the hardtop, the serious sporting types went for the convertibles. Every Detroit manufacturer, with rare exception, offered at least one convertible as the style leader of its line. However, automakers […]

1950 Chevrolet Bel Air

The Bel Air was Chevy’s version of the new body style that was introduced by Buick, Oldsmobile and Cadillac in late 1949. This new body style came to be called a hard top convertible. It took awhile before the label was accepted then shortened to just simply “Hardtop”. The 1950 Chevrolet Belair looked like a […]


1949 Chevrolet ID Numbers

Location: Serial numbers are on a plate on the right front door hinge pillar. Engine numbers: 6 cylinder on crankcase to rear of distributor. Engine numbers were GA-1001 to GA-1031807 Numerical prefix in serial indicates assembly plant as follows: 1 Flint, Michigan 2 Tarrytown, New York 3 St. Louis, Missouri 5 Kansas City, Missouri 6 […]

1950 Chevy Fleetline Deluxe

The 1950 Fleetline Deluxe models were considered six passenger cars. These new Deluxe 1950 Chevrolet 2 door and 1950 Chevy 4 door models were the mid-priced Chevy cars, along with the 1950 Styleline Deluxe. With the 1950 Bel Air and 1950 Bel Air Convertible being the higher priced cars. A 2 Door Fleetline Deluxe sold […]

1953 Chevrolet

1953 Chevrolet Information

1951 Chevrolet

At first glance, it might seem that the newest thing about the 1951 model year was the advertising slogan “See the USA in your Chevrolet” seen in magazine ads, news print and heard on television in a song by Dinah Shore. The Chevrolet Division of General Motors did a very stylish job of mildly face-lifting […]