Jeremy’s 1954 chevy build

Jeremy sent in these photos of his 1954 chevy build.

Mustang 2 Installation

OVERVIEW Mustang 2 Installation 1949-1954 Chevy Car. Steps required to install mustang 2 in a 49-54 chevrolet. The conversion is simple with the proper tools and the proper kit. I choose the Fat Man Fabrication kit for my 1950 chevy. Reasons I choose this kit: Quality Crossmember Ultra low option Free stainless polished tubular a-arms. […]

Rear End

Rear end information coming soon. View old page here. For 49-54 cars,you will need a rear-end that is 60″ wide. You can use the stock leaf springs but you will get a much better ride with a wide leaf spring kit. (2.5″ wide) If you run a rear-end that is 58.5 inches wide you will […]