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Jeremy’s 1954 chevy build

Jeremy sent in these photos of his 1954 chevy build.

Open Driveline – Rear End Options

OPEN DRIVELINE CONVERSION To convert your torque tube suspension to a open drive line. You will need the proper width rear-end. I am running a 1976 camaro 10 bolt. I am still working on this page. These are some swaps that will work. Also confirmed by many readers * 55-57 Chevy Cars. * 68-72 […]

Steering Column for Mustang 2 Conversion

OVERVIEW STEERING COLUMN OPTIONS FOR MUSTANG 2 / AFTERMARKET FRONT SUSPENSION All pictures are here: So you want to put a new suspension in your 49-54 chevy? You will need some way to adapt the steering column to your rack and pinion. Options: Modify Stock Column 70s Chevrolet van Any other junkyard find you […]

Brake Options

Power master cylinder options: Walton Fabrication firewall mount power master ECI TCI – Total Cost Involved The Filling Station will convert your stock master to a dual unit. Disc Brake Conversion Kits: Speedway Motors ECI How-To Links: Walton Fabrication Firewall Power Brakes

Manual Transmission

I do not currently have any information for Manual Transmision Swaps and upgrades. Please join this site or contact me to share your knowledge.

Automatic Transmission Swap

AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SWAP Transmission vendors: Bowtie Overdrives Phoenix Transmission Products TCI B&M Parts Needed for overdrive swap. (700r4/200r4) Transmission TV Cable system Transmission lines Transmission Cooler Wiring Kit Speedometer Gear Torque converter Flexplate Crossmember Parts Needed for overdrive swap. (TH350/400) Transmission Transmission lines Transmission Cooler Torque converter Flexplate Crossmember Crossmember manufacturers: Walton’s Fabrication Chassis Engineering […]