Painting a Picture -Safety, your project and your health

Take care of yourself!!!
Don’t slack off and forget to use the Jack stands just cause your in a hurry. (or being lazy)
OR welding with gas leaking under you.
OR better yet welding on gas tank with gas in it!!!!
Get a fire extinguisher if you dont have one already.
I could go on and on but hopefully you get the point… These are just a few easy ways to get seriously hurt or killed.
Just a reminder, Don’t take life for granted and lose perspective of being safe.
Next time your working on your project.
Think twice before you act. It may save your life.
Some horrible accidents happen out there in people garages.
Guess you don’t think about it as much until it strikes close to you.
While back someone I know was pinned under there car and killed.
Hope you read this and think twice. Hopefully more accidents can be avoided.
If you don’t have your health you don’t have shit.
Was debating to post this or not.
The whole reason I started 50chevy was to help people by sharing what I learn in working on my project.
I couldn’t find much about 49-54 chevy cars when I started on my project and this site would have helped me.

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