Mad Fabricators Society DVD’s Now Available

Mad Fabricators DVD’s are now available and ready to ship. is now offering HOT ROD DVDS. I ship same day on business days.


MFS3Mad Fabricator’s Society Volume 3
Mad Fabricators Society Volume # 3.
The third installment of the best HOT ROD DVD is here with all the madness and mischeif that MAD FABRICATORS SOCIETY is known for. A look into the lives of some of the most influential people and stories from the Hot Rod and Custom Culture. Over 2.5 hours of Hot Rod Chaos!!






  • Mark Moriarity
  • Primer Nationals
  • Shoebox Chop
  • Keith Weesner
  • So What Speed Shop
  • Detriot Autorama
  • Show Circuit Survivor
  • Jalopy Showdown
  • The Alexander Brothers
  • Psycledelic Tendencies
  • Pin-up Model Sabrina
  • Titus and the 32 Survivor
  • Hot Rod Reuinion
  • Ed Roth’s Mysterion Clone

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MFS2Mad Fabricators Society Volume 2
Mad Fabricators Society Volume # 2.
The Sequel to the hit DVD is here!!. Are you ready to tear up your screen with the best of traditional hot rod and kustom kulture. 2 hours of the people, the cars, the stories and the society that lives and breathes the low brow, hot rod lifestyle.






  • Asphalt Invitational
  • The Tuckster Build
  • A-Bombers Hillclimb
  • Lonestar Round-Up
  • Mel Lawyers Suvivor
  • Jimmy White
  • Heidi Van Horne
  • Hot Rod-A-Rama
  • Mr. G (pinstriper)
  • Sectioned Shoebox
  • The Adonis
  • Von Franco

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MFS1Mad Fabricators Society Volume 1
Mad Fabricators Society is an honest tribute to the hard working, everyday "Joes" that get in the garage and bleed for their machine. Each MFS DVD offers a multi-dimensional, explosive way to capture the daring, bare concepts of hot rodders, something that will leap "off the page" — images that will talk to you and show you something new each time you watch it. Each issue offers history, raucous music, beauty, artists and craftsmen, and of course girlsãthese are all intrinsic parts of hot rodding and I explore these concepts and artistic expressions in each piece found on the Mad Fabricators DVD. And of course the people: larger than life personalities and original thinkers that were and are way ahead of their time, like George Barris and everyday fabricators who have taken a remarkable piece of history and molded it to their own personal vision, a stream-lined, speeding calling card that expresses themselves far better than any word.

Mad Fabricators Society, volume one, features more than two hours (two disk DVD) of interviews, photos and videos of "the Original King of Kustomizing," George Barris, and also showcases newer talents, such as Cole Foster, custom builder extraordinaire (and camera breaker…but that’s another story). Cushioning these fabricating gems are featured car shows, such as "Viva Las Vegas" and Paso Robles, antique drag races, pin-up model shoots, music videos and an art show tribute to "Big Daddy," Ed Roth…and a lot more… this is just the first edition. We will film and release a new, ever evolving version twice a year.

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Von Franco Low Brow Legend brings you his hit book on DVD. Explore the history of airbrushed painted monster shirts from ED ROTH, MOUSE, DEAN JEFFRIES, ED NEWTON, BARRIS, and of course VON FRANCO. See how VON FRANCO got his start as a kid in the 60’s painting shirts for the neighborhood kids, to touring across the nation with ED ROTH later in life. Packed with rarely seen photos, stories, and home videos, this DVD provides an inside look into the life of one of the low-brow scene’s most unique and highly acclaimed artists.

Also on this DVD: VON FRANCO demonstrates his secrets for how shirts were painted back in the day, to the technique that is currently used. With music from THE DYNOTONES, THE BOMBORAS, KNUCKEL DRAGER, THE HYPNOMEN, and THE INVISABLE SURFERS. This is a must have DVD to add to your HOT ROD collection!

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