Kool Kustom Fleetline

You may have previously seen this 1950 chevy fleetline on the homepage of 50chevy for a short time.  Been wanting to feature this project and finally got around to it.

I been looking forward to seeing these pics. Kool-Kustom is a website I have kept my eye on for many years. There is this fleetline I always wanted to see how it turned out. Well here it is.

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  1. . ..it is..It is my car.
    I am glad to introduce.
    Thank you.

  2. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Wow!! Great to see the updates on this one. I liked it in the previous color (peach or tan, depending on the camera), but the new paint is even better.

    Aaron….great work on the site. I’m bummed I can’t steal pics, but otherwise, homerun!


  4. Yes, I like the updates. I really liked the primer as well. This car is different and I think that make it stand out.

    Thanks for stopping by. Happy to share pics with you if you need em.

    Looking forward to your posts on your ride!

  5. What a beautiful job!

    I have a question–hoping someone can help—the back bar on the bumper—was it an accessory bar for the 1950 chevy? if not, could you please tell me what it is? Thank You!

  6. Just writing to let you all old car lovers that i am just going to puchase a beauty of a 50 chevy deluxe with rap around chrome bumpers mohair brand new interior i mean just a beauty of a car….tell me please w&at do you think its worth …be honest.

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