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Want to see The Burbank Choppers, The Shifters, and The Road Zombies?

Then I know you will like the Hot Rods, Rat Rods & Kustom Kulture and Hot Rod Havoc DVD’s. is now offering HOT ROD DVDS. I ship same day on business days. You will also get a free sticker with your order.

Hot Rods Rat Rods and Kustom KultureBACK FROM THE DEAD
"Back From The Dead" is a journey into the subculture of modern hot rodding. A throwback to a time when cars were hand crafted and built to drive. From the garages of California to the fabulous Viva Las Vegas car show, join master fabricator Ian Roussel as he attempts to build a custom hot rod from the Junkyard treasures. The tradition of hot rodding is kept alive as pinstripe artist Skratch and The Burbank Choppers car club take you inside this high-octane underworld. Class is in session as high school auto shop teacher Bill Wishart (President fo the Road Zombies) shows the next generation of greasers what hot rodding is all about. "Back From The Dead" puts you in the drivers seat and takes you on a journey that will keep you guessing till the very last mile.

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Hot rod Havoc is a pedal to the metal. hi-spedd action video that showcases the thriving traditional hot rod scene on the West Coast. Hold on tight as we run through the gears and hit triple digit speeds across the dry lake beds and race tracks of Southern California, and we’ll have you checking your mirror for the fuzz after the infamous "Shifters" car club takes you on a tour of their streets in the most fiendish rides you’ve ever seen. Prepare to be blown away by the wheeled mayhem that our featured builders subject there creations to, as we invade the regions finest shows from Paso Robles to the Blessing of the Cars. Hotrod Havoc – "In with the old, out with the new".

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