Gene Winfield Advanced Metalworking Workshop Pics

Last weekend a Friend and I attended Gene Winfield’s advanced metalshaping class.It was incredible.

He covered a lot of information.

A few topics include, Chopping/sectioning/channeling.

Compound curves & complex shapes by using- english wheel, sandbag, wood hammer-forms, station bucks, bead roller, stakes, and shrinker & stretcher.

Basic metalurgy, strategy for damage repair, hammer & dolly theory and technique, shrinking, welding, hole filling and metal finishing.

During the class Gene Chopped a 35 Ford, frenched a merc headlight, repaired a 54 chevy fender to name a few

I posted the pics here:

Not only pics of the class but also the many cars in his yard.

There was also a chopped and sectioned 54 chevy that a customer built after watching monster garage and then paid gene to do the same chop/section on his car.

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