49-54 chevy owners -What Tech do you want to see?

Thanks for supporting 50chevy. I been helping out a friend with his car, so my project will be in in limbo for a little while.

I wanna make the site the best it can be.

So help me out.

What type of step by step tech do people want to see?

Would you like to see a 49-54 chevy only forum?

Send me an email. aaron at 50 chevy dot com

FYI< Next tech I have planned is a notch with triangulated 4 bar.


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  1. I have a father son project for my son. It is a 52 chevy styleline deluxe sedan. I would like to see how to remove the stock crossmember so that a Mustang II rack and pinon can replace it. Thanks!!

  2. i own a 1952 chevy 2-door styleline . chopped 5 inches and bagged, but im getting i little bored with my 235 6 cyl. how about some moreoptions for some motor swaps,as well as rearend choices.


  4. I would like to see you make your own engine mounts out of scratch.

  5. I think it’d be cool to put up a how-to on seaming up hoods for these years. There are some cool tricks for peaking ’em and definitely some precautions to take so they don’t warp or crack. Just a thought…keep up the good work.

  6. Yea i would say more rear end options for that V8 swap… Or a tech tip in depth of the whole process as so many people contradict each other..


  7. I would like to see a rear end get cut for air bags in the back and how to put them on.

  8. I have a 53 chevy 210 post,I want to know if supports are needed on the frame if I were to cut the top compleatly off hard top convertible style.

  9. thanks for all the suggestions, Keep em coming.

  10. any recommendations as to which fuel tank to use now that i have notched my frame & the car sits on the ground? i have seen many pictures with no indication as to has been used. i have heard that older mustang tanks work well. any help any of you can provide woud be great… by the way i am building a 1954 2dr sean custom.

  11. I would like the cheaper and easier way to French your Headlights. I have a 52 Chevy Styleline and I have found a company that sells french kits but there up in the $250 range. I know there has to be cheaper way. They did it in the 50’s somehow right?

  12. Any information regarding swapping in a later model (1963-up six cylinder with an automatic.

  13. There are a ton of photos with tops chopped and there are a million options for the rear glass. Everybody goes the easy route and sinks a different piece of glass into the back. I would like to see a tech on how to use original rear glass. Either sinking it or cutting it.

  14. hi i would like to see more tech articles on some inline six cylinder engines from old to new. and techs on some engine swapping and manual to automatic trans swapping. thanks this sight is cool love the pics on the sight…imports are like tampons—every pussy has one!!! keepin it real with steel baby….aloha from hawaii

  15. My project is a ’49 Chev sedan delivery. I would like to see the various methods of smoothing the firewall. I have seen on this site some explanation, but would like to see more details. And yes, a ’49-’54 only forum would be great! Thanks for all of your efforts.

  16. I have a 54 hardtop BA and I would like to see the easiest/cheapest way to upgrade from 6v to 12v.

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