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Open Driveline – Rear End Options

OPEN DRIVELINE CONVERSION To convert your torque tube suspension to a open drive line. You will need the proper width rear-end. I am running a 1976 camaro 10 bolt. I am still working on this page. These are some swaps that will work. Also confirmed by many readers * 55-57 Chevy Cars. * 68-72 […]

Steering Column for Mustang 2 Conversion

OVERVIEW STEERING COLUMN OPTIONS FOR MUSTANG 2 / AFTERMARKET FRONT SUSPENSION All pictures are here: So you want to put a new suspension in your 49-54 chevy? You will need some way to adapt the steering column to your rack and pinion. Options: Modify Stock Column 70s Chevrolet van Any other junkyard find you […]

Brake Options

Power master cylinder options: Walton Fabrication firewall mount power master ECI TCI – Total Cost Involved The Filling Station will convert your stock master to a dual unit. Disc Brake Conversion Kits: Speedway Motors ECI How-To Links: Walton Fabrication Firewall Power Brakes

Manual Transmission

I do not currently have any information for Manual Transmision Swaps and upgrades. Please join this site or contact me to share your knowledge.

Automatic Transmission Swap

AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SWAP Transmission vendors: Bowtie Overdrives Phoenix Transmission Products TCI B&M Parts Needed for overdrive swap. (700r4/200r4) Transmission TV Cable system Transmission lines Transmission Cooler Wiring Kit Speedometer Gear Torque converter Flexplate Crossmember Parts Needed for overdrive swap. (TH350/400) Transmission Transmission lines Transmission Cooler Torque converter Flexplate Crossmember Crossmember manufacturers: Walton’s Fabrication Chassis Engineering […]

New Site for 50chevy

I been working on a new version of the website. In the process I will add some new features and also fix some things that are broken. The best part will be the ability for visitors to join the website and add there photos directly. Still working on the finishing touches. Thanks for visiting.